Charles Lafitte

After George Goulet founded his company in 1834, Jean-Baptiste Lafitte had his ‘Belle Idée’ in Cognac in 1848. The Charles Lafitte & Cie brand quickly became a reference in the world of wines and spirits, and it saw a golden age in the Roaring Twenties.

Many champagne producers bought cognac spirit from Charles Lafitte & Cie, to use in their liqueurs d’expédition, the sweetened reserve wine added to champagne in the dosage process. In 1983, the first long-necked black bottles appeared on the European market.
Charles Lafitte & Co. was very proud to acquire the George Goulet brand in 2003.

The company produces elegant, nicely balanced champagnes. The traditional blend, predominantly Chardonnay, helped further the firm’s success. It makes lively, cheerful, constant champagnes that flatter any palate.


Paul-François Vranken's historic creation

In 1848, in Cognac, Jean-Baptiste Lafitte instigated the brand’s first revolution with Cognac spirit. Fifty years later, Charles Lafitte & Co. became a natural reference in the world of wines and spirits. It experienced a golden age in the Roaring Twenties.

In 1983, Paul-François Vranken initiated a second great revolution by founding the Charles Lafitte champagne brand. Our wines are designed for aesthetically-inclined consumers who love the finer things in life, celebratory and representative of quality and tradition.






Sparkling Wine


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