Pommery invented brut Champagne in 1874

‘Damas, we need a wine that is as dry as possible, but without rigidity… It should be soft and velvety on the palate… Above all, make sure it has finesse’. This bold request, at a time when sweeter tastes were favoured, was met in 1874, when Victor Lambert, the successor to Pommery’s Cellar Director Olivier Damas, created the first vintage brut in the history of Champagne, Pommery Nature 1874.

It was a revolution in Champagne. It was met with sarcasm and disbelief. But it was an unprecedented success. Under Madame Pommery’s impetus, the Pommery style became known as ‘full of finesse and cheery lightness’. It can be tasted today in the Brut Royal and Cuvée Louise. It is always different, ever unique after slow ageing in the shadows of the chalk cellars.


The Pommery split, a key historic concept

With its innovative, avant-garde spirit, Pommery has always made waves. In the 1930s, Pommery launched the VP Split (VP stands for ‘Veuve Pommery’), a 200 ml bottle of Champagne. Marquis Melchior de Polignac (1880-1950), who created this format, helped with Pommery’s international expansion. This portable product has been an innovation and a hit around the world.


Cuvée Louise

Cuvée Louise was created in 1979, but as Madame Pommery would have demanded, this prestige cuvee is a product of the very best plots in the Pommery vineyards, reserved specifically for it. In the tradition of Pommery Nature 1874, Cuvée Louise is the only special cuvee with so little sugar.

Thus the wine naturally expresses its exceptional purity. Behind this apparent simplicity are unique processes at each stage of its elaboration that ensure that Cuvée Louise is the quintessence of the House style.


Pommery’s champagne for each season !

With Summertime, Blanc de Blancs, and Wintertime, Blanc de Noirs, Thierry Gasco leads the way to oenological discoveries.

Colours and flavours with subtle bronze nuances are offered in variety for your palate’s hightest pleasure. The variety of flavours, accompanied by sweet colours (lilac-purple, lavender, green and pink…) includes juicy fruits and tender leaves.

A walk through the seasons !


Clos Pompadour

Les Clos Pompadour, with the charming and evocative name of Madame de Pompadour, is 25 hectares of walled vineyard within the Pommery Estate. The greatest walled vineyards of the Champagne region have produced a unique champagne which, to complete its perfection, exists only in magnum.

After a first vintage blended from grapes from the 2002 harvest, we were eager to confirm the promise shown by the Domaine de Reims grapes and create a new blend from the 2003 Harvest.


Pop Earth, the eco-friendly Champagne

Pommery naturally decided to use POP, its unconventional champagne, for its world premiere of POP Earth. This new product condenses all the company’s sustainable development efforts from the past ten years or more.

POP Earth is the first eco-friendly champagne made from grapes grown using sustainable practises. This champagne is bottled in lightweight glass, a Pommery exclusive, with labels made of recycled paper and printed with solvent-free, water-based ink. The POP Earth bottle is 100% recyclable, and packaged without an outer box to limit waste.


The new Experience Pommery : Royal Blue Sky

 The creation of the 2st century wich responds to that of Madame Pommery.

While we owe the creation of Brut in 1874 to Pommery, we also owe the creation of Pop in 1999 to it. Hence it is absolutely legitimate for cellar master Thierry Gasco to start working on a more contemporary vision of the tasting of a Pommery champagne. A new universe, open to experiences, ready to choose its consumption habits for this behavior.

Pommery created Royal Blue Sky.

The fruit of a new Exprience Pommery, a traditional champagne-based assemblage, where pinot noir, pinot meunier and chardonnay, blended with the sugar, open up towards a happy moment.An intense savour which will surprise first of all through its richness before freeing an invigorating freshness. Royal Blue Sky has a new nose which evolves towards fruits, travelling and memories.






Sparkling Wine


The abuse of alcohol is dangerous for your health. Consume with moderation.