Dominique Pichart, portrait of Vranken’s First Cellar Director

‘As Vranken’s first cellar director, I am responsible for anticipating the future, knowing how to find blends that will be palatable for many years, but without giving up on the idea of movement and change.

Being Cellar Director… It is not so much a childhood dream as it is the accomplishment of a passion that I have held for more than twenty years at Vranken. I work so closely with the people who participate in every stage of turning vine into wine: they prune and cut the vines, make the wine, label the bottles, ship it off and sell our prestigious cuvées throughout the world.


Vranken Style

How do you win over consumers and create a new style? First, start with the vine, then strike a balance between the three varietals, with the right blend, one that resembles no other, that defines the wine’s spirit, its character; a wine that is recognisable anywhere in the world; above all, a wine that draws you in and that, year after year, never changes.

The Cellar Director sets his vision for champagne, his style, his sensitivity, and above all, his great skill. What does a Vranken champagne say? Freshness and spontaneity, followed by fruity notes.

Simplicity. Simplicity means that there is nothing more complex than whatever is natural and light. A Vranken champagne is gentle, elegant, fruity… in short, the spirit of celebration.


Creating a new vintage: La Tête de Cuvée

 In the mid-1980s, Paul-François Vranken, the founder, and Dominique Pichart, the first cellar master, created the Demoiselle vintage.

They wanted to create a modern, light, and feminine wine. To do this, they worked on the origin of the grapes, assemblage, and other aspects – the dosage used is particularly pure, but above all, the idea came from adapting the Champagne pressing process to obtain the desired level of finesse. *

After numerous trials, the ‘Tête de Cuvée’ idea and method were created, producing a highly-refined, fresh, light, and feminine wine that goes perfectly with the new ‘Demoiselle’ bottle, which has since been created.


Cuvée Demoiselle a new image of Champagne

It is a unique champagne anyway you look at it. The ‘Demoiselle’ cuvée asserts its personality through its unusual, beautifully designed bottle. Demoiselle is refined, feminine, elegant, and original, the perfect champagne for romantic moments. 

It is subtle and delicate, made from a complex blend of predominantly Chardonnay grapes, which give Demoiselle its typical pale colour, accented by white and green crystalline shimmers.

A creation of Dominique Pichart, VRANKEN Cellar Director, Demoiselle is a worldwide reference in champagne.



Cuvée Diamant, Haute Champagne by Vranken

A champagne bottle shaped to enhance the wine… that is the story of Cuvée Diamant.

Today, 20 years after Demoiselle was created, Vranken has released Diamant. Two, three casts were made… The size had to be perfect, its handling comfortable, its touch pleasant – all to delight the eye with this unexpected discovery.

Then came the test of time, a long wait, and the slow progression to maturity. It was a process one would expect of extremely rare, high quality objects. In dimly-lit cellars, away from bright lights and eager gazes, time would protect this exceptional vintage, allowing it to blossom. A single bottle would not have been enough. It is available in splits, half-bottles, magnums and jeroboams… a river of diamonds.


How to serve Vranken Champagne ?

Chill your bottle in a bucket filled with water and ice for thirty minutes, or place at the bottom of the refrigerator in a horizontal position for four hours.

Serve chilled, not cold, at 7- 8° C, opening the bottle as follows:

• hold the bottle with one hand and undo the wire cage with the other hand,
• tilt the bottle slightly and turn it, while holding firmly onto the cork,
• pull gently on the cork to keep it from popping out violently.
• fill the glasses halfway so that the wine’s aroma can be fully appreciated.







Sparkling Wine


The abuse of alcohol is dangerous for your health. Consume with moderation.