A rediscovered jewel

‘In 1985, dream became a reality, with the acquisition of Château des Castaignes in Montmort, built on the site known as La Demoiselle. The idea arose to create a new cuvée for Vranken champagne called La Demoiselle de Champagne. Demoiselle was a common name for the dragonfly, which was an emblem for the art nouveau genius Lalique, so everything came together to make this first brut champagne, whose special bottle was a moving tribute to art nouveau.

In 2005, Demoiselle celebrated its 20th anniversary. At the foot of Domaine Pommery, the abandoned villa was waiting for someone to restore it to its former glory and splendour.

As soon as we met, it was love at first sight. For nearly five years, we sent the best craftsmen, plumbers, roofers, painters, decorators, carpenters, and glass workers there… It was a very long process. 


Restoration of villa Demoiselle

Key Figures:

• 4 types of wood: Padauk, Ash, Sycamore, Oak
• 9.4 metres, size of the impressive chandelier in the staircase.
• 24 lights in the Baccarat Zenith chandelier.
• 49 sconces ordered from the Saint Louis crystal manufacturing company
• 65 kilograms, weight of a globe chandelier made by the Saint Louis crystal manufacturing company
• 13,100 hours of interior carpentry work
• 20,000 leaves of 22-carat gold used by the gilder
• 30,000 litres, capacity of one of the four Jarras barrels used for flooring in the Grand Salon Demoiselle.
• 60 niches holding Millésimes d’Or from Vranken’s Collection


Bringing the villa back to life

In 2004, Paul-François Vranken bought Villa Demoiselle to use as a head office for Vranken Champagne. He launched an ambitious project to renovate the mansion with respect for its original condition.
Using historic archive documents and material traces found on-site, the team of builders, most of whom were from the Champagne region, worked for nearly four years to restore the entire building, inside and out.
Thanks to their expert know-how, these craftsmen brought back the splendour of the stencilled wall paintings and restored the floral and geometric motifs in the stained glass windows. One hundred years after it was built, this architectural masterpiece was renamed ‘Villa Demoiselle.’ 


Interview with Nathalie and Paul-François Vranken, by Caroline Etter

On Vranken-Pommery’s champagne estate, there sits an imposing villa built in the early 20th century by members of the art nouveau movement. It is called Villa Demoiselle, and it was entirely renovated by Paul-François and Nathalie Vranken. Here is the story of their labour of love.

Why did you decide to buy and renovate this Villa?

When we acquired Pommery in 2002, the Villa had just been sold. For Paul-François, it was love at first sight, and he immediately started trying to get the villa back for Vranken-Pommery. He had always admired art nouveau, even when he was growing up in Belgium, where this movement is very present. His first champagne cuvée, La Demoiselle, made reference to art nouveau. 






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