I - Environmental Protection

  • Be innovative in terms of sustainable wine growing
  • Protect and conserve local biodiversity
  • Control the environmental impacts of our production processes
  • Extend the certification process to all of the Group's entities
  • Use new technologies and renewable energies
  • Develop and design environmentally-friendly products
  • Promote our environmental policy

II - Product Quality Assurance

  • Ensure product traceability
  • Guarantee perfect food safety from development of the product to its consumption


III - Anticipating requirements

  • Ensure compliance with all Quality, Safety and Environmental requirements ahead of the implementation deadlines

IV - Human Resources management

  • Provide a healthy working environment and conditions and foster labour dialogue
  • Promote professional development and recognition of potential
  • Promote careers by becoming involved with school boards and national organisations and bodies


V - Communication with stakeholders

  • Meet customer expectations and requirements through comprehensive communication
  • Guarantee transparency for stakeholders
  • Promote healthy and responsible consumption
  • Get our suppliers involved in a social and environmental approach

VI - Education

  • Transfer our passion and our knowledge to open the minds of future generations
  • Actively contribute to the protection, development and sustainability of industrial and cultural heritage

The abuse of alcohol is dangerous for your health. Consume with moderation.