Portrait of Hervé Ladouce, oenologist and cellar director at Heidsieck & Co Monopole Champagnes

Behind our finest range of champagne are the creators of Heidsieck & CO Monopole’s savoir-faire. Since 1785, we have preserved the excellence of our vineyards, guaranteeing the quality and finesse of our champagnes.

This is how Hervé Ladouce, our cellar director, protects the Monopole style we hold to be so precious. His vision nourishes our champagnes, enabling them to last for years and generations.

Hervé Ladouce masterfully blends the grand tradition of Champagne with the changing times.
The Heidsieck & CO Monopole Cellar Director has to know how to respect our past heritage in order to better predict the future… This is even more important for a house like ours, whose founder Florens Louis Heidsieck gave a bottle of our first cuvée to Marie Antoinette.


Making Champagne

The grapes are pressed in traditional presses that contain 4,000 kg of grapes, from which 2,550 litres of juice are extracted.

Initial alcoholic fermentation turns the grape juice contained in the vats into wine, under the action of selected yeasts.

A blend is a combination of several wines made from different varietals, different crus, or different vintages.

Racking consists in bottling blended wines and then adding sugar and yeasts.

The second alcoholic fermentation takes place in cellar kept at a constant temperature of 10°C.

This slowly turns the wine into effervescent Champagne as it develops a foam.


The cru
 classification system

A “Cru” is the wine term which refers to a village or vineyard whose grapes, once turned into wine, offer precisely unique characteristics. Grape quality remains the keystone in the creation of a fine champagne.

The House stock serves as a guideline to the cellar master. At Heidsieck & CO Monopole, high quality grapes have always served as the base for our cuvées. But our particular distinction lies in the cru classification system

The Champagne region is currently divided into 321 municipalities, with three primary categories according to the classification system:

  • • Grand crus: 17 municipalities
  • • Premiers crus: 41 municipalities
  • • “Peripheral” crus: the remaining 263 municipalities.

Over the years, our Cellar Directors have been driven by excellence and savoir-faire to make Heidsieck & CO Monopole’s celebrated “premiers crus” cuvée.


How to serve Heidsieck & Co Monopole Champagne ?

Chill your bottle in a bucket filled with water and ice for thirty minutes, or place at the bottom of the refrigerator in a horizontal position for four hours.

Serve chilled, not cold, at 7- 8° C, opening the bottle as follows:

• hold the bottle with one hand and undo the wire cage with the other hand,

• tilt the bottle slightly and turn it, while holding firmly onto the cork,

• pull gently on the cork to keep it from popping out violently.

• fill the glasses halfway so that the wine’s aroma can be fully appreciated.






Sparkling Wine


The abuse of alcohol is dangerous for your health. Consume with moderation.