An international calling for export from the very beginning

The house has had a brisk export business since its creation, particularly to Germany and Russia. His Imperial Highness the Tsar was a great lover of champagne, and every year he had two trains full of Heidsieck Monopole sent from France. Florens-Louis Heidsieck began exporting his wines immediately.

Between 1885, the year of its centennial, and 1900, the House went through a boom period.
It sold 952,000 bottles to Great Britain in 1884 and more than 400,000 bottles to Russia in 1912.

Heidsieck & CO Monopole was a leading brand at the turn of the 20th century. It was the official supplier to the King of Prussia and Emperor of Germany (1818), the English court (1911), the Swedish court and King Gustaf (1933), and to Tsar Nicolas II.


l'histoire en quelques chiffres

1785 : The House is founded by Florens-Louis Heidsieck, a young German from Westphalia. As cloth manufacturer, he established a trading company for wool and wine in Reims and named it “Heidsieck & Co ”. He soon gives up selling wool and focuses exclusively on trading in wine from the Champagne region.

1818 : Heidsieck & C° Monopole became official supplier to the Court of King of Prussia and the Emperor of Germany.

1828 : Death of Florens-Louis. He hands over a flourishing business to his three young survivors: Henri-Louis Walbaum, Frédéric-Auguste Delius and Christian Heidsieck.

1834 : After several disagreements, the three nephews go their separate ways, and Henri-Louis Walbaum (1813-1883) continues the business alone, joining forces with his brother-in-law Auguste Heidsieck (1796-1870); the name of the company changes to Walbaum Heidsieck & Co.

1860 : Henri-Louis Walbaum and Auguste Heidsieck establish the trademark “Monopole”.

1870 : Following the death of Auguste Heidsieck, the company veuve Heidsieck et Co, heirs to Heidsieck & Co, is run by his wife for a few years. She is succeeded by Florens Walbaum who becomes the First Chairman of the Syndicat du Commerce des Vins de Champagne from 1882 until his death in 1893.

1882 : The company name changes again to “Heidsieck & Co”. Following several other name changes, in 1889, the company becomes “Walbaum, Luling, Goulden & Co, successeurs d’Heidsieck & Co”.






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