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« Come and enjoy a unique experience
in the heart of our estates and châteaux... »

No matter how you plan your reception, you'll find among our different salons the one that best suits the organization of your event. Daytime or evening, intimate or solemn, our group's estates will adapt to the exceptional dimension of your event

Le Domaine Pommery
in Reims

Built in the 19th century by Madame Pommery, the estate covers 50 hectares, 60 Gallo-Roman chalk pits, 18 km of 30-meter-deep cellars and a 116-step staircase to reach them. Le Domaine Pommery, a Unesco World Heritage site, opens its reception rooms and welcomes you to an elegant setting unique in Champagne.

Le Domaine Pommery, a Unesco World Heritage site, opens its reception rooms and welcomes you to an elegant setting unique in Champagne.

Domain Vranken-Pommery’s restaurant, le Réfectoire

Traditional French cuisine prepared by our Chef Philippe MORET and his team.
Le Refectoire is a place for sharing, exchange and conviviality.

La Villa Demoiselle
in Reims

A jewel of early 20th-century architecture, the Villa Demoiselle was reborn in 2008 with new splendor thanks to the passion of its owners, Paul-François and Nathalie Vranken. The residence is a unique testimony to the collaboration between architects, cabinetmakers, and decorators, united by the same inspiration, between Art Nouveau and Art Deco.

Plunge back in time and spend an unforgettable moment at your events in this uniquely refined setting.

Château La Gordonne
in Pierrefeu-du-Var

Château La Gordonne is a place where you'd love to settle down for a few days, a few weeks or a few months.

You'd learn the art of doing nothing, of living in harmony with nature, the vines and the sun. You'd take long walks through the natural cirque of schist in which the vines that will produce the summer-drenched wines of Château La Gordonne flourish.

This home, so intensely close to nature, so wild and beautiful, with its refined and elegant décor, opens its doors to you in the heart of Provence.

Estates steeped
in history

With its fifty-five hectares, eighteen kilometers of underground tunnels and twenty-five million bottles, Domaine Vranken-Pommery stands out for its monumentality. A splendid staircase of one hundred and sixteen steps links this underground world to the outside world. The originality of its architecture, the immensity of its cellars and the reputation of its crus make it a unique site.

Our savoir-faire

Our Chefs
& catering

The delicate creations of a Michelin-starred chef or the imagination of a new-generation chef?

Our wines
& champagnes

To best meet your expectations, we draw up the menu together with the house cellar master.

A unique experience for every taste

From seated dinners to standing cocktails, including cellar tours and guided tastings.
For 10 guests, 100 guests or 1000 participants.

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