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The Douro Valley
a unique place

The Douro region is located in northern Portugal, on the Spanish border. It is surrounded by mountains, which explains its special climate. The vines are often planted at elevations of over 100 m and up to 550 m.

The region is divided into three areas: Baixo Corgo, Cima Corgo and Alto Douro (Upper Douro). The further north you go in the Upper Douro, the fewer vineyards there are. In the Baixo Corgo, vines are the dominant crop, while the Cima Corgo is home to more fertile areas. In the Upper Douro region, vines are only grown around small villages or on recently-planted surfaces.

Our vineyard consists exclusively of A-rated vines in the Cima Corgo, around Pinhão, and in the Upper Douro, on either side of Barca d’Alva.

A sustainable viticulture

The entire vineyard is worked according to recognised sustainable wine-growing methods. This covers all of the vineyard’s activities: soil nutrition, tilling, and the use of vine protection products.. The vineyard is protected to preserve the harvest’s potential quality and volume, and to maintain the agrosystem’s natural biological balance, to respect people, the environment, and soil quality.

Our vineyard Terras o Grifo is locatede in the heart of the International Douro Natural Park, in the Douro Superior.

This vineyard was founded and built entirely on a single hillside overlooking the Douro River and the Spanish border. Measuring 120 hectares, it is one of the latest large vineyards created in Europe.

Porto Terras Do Grifo
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