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Production facility in Champagne

Our production facility

in Champagne

Area : over 50.000 m² ultra-modern and completely automated

Capacity : 25.000.000 of bottles

High-performance production tools:

  • Every step in Champagne production is represented, from pressing grapes to labelling bottles
  • A new pressing centre, opened in 2016, can press 40,000 kg of grapes simulateously
  • 10 production lines (2 for disgorging, 2 for bottling and 6 for labelling)
  • A building of approximately 6,500 m2 dedictaed to labelling and packaging bottles.
  • 2 fermentation vats with a capacity of over 101,000hl

Production facility of the champagnes :
Pommery, Vranken, Demoiselle, Diamant, Charles Lafitte and Heidsieck & C° Monopole.

Our production facility

in Camargue

Domaine Royal de Jarras, West of Aigues-Mortes:

  • Area : 15 000 m²
  • Capacity : 10 000 000 bottles of Rosé Wine

Domaine du Bosquet, South of Aigues-Mortes:

  • Area : 10 000 m²
  • Capacity : 5 000 000 bottles of Sparkling WIne

High-performance production tools:

  • 8 pneumatic presses
  • A packaging and labelling line : 8,000 botlles per hour
  • One 240,000-HL fermentation vat

In this "incredible" vineyard, made in the sand, between the sea, the lagoons and the salt marshes, we produce wines « Tête de Cuvée » since they are exclusively elaborated with the juices of the first pressing.

Our production facility

in Portugal

  • Area: 7 500 m²
  • Capacity : 5 000 000 Bottles of Port Wine and Wine from the Douro

High-performance production tools:

  • Stainless steel vats, casks and barrels of various capacities: approximately 44,00 hl
  • Efficient, modern production tools that go from receiving grapes to labelling and shipping bottles
  • A winemaking centre that can receive 80,000 kg/day
  • Two lines that can bottle and label up to 7,000 bottles per hour
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