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Domaine Royal de Jarras
the remarkable sand vineyard

Domaine Royal de Jarras is a unique one-piece property with 429 hectares of vines spread over the 3rd fossil coastal cordon. The soils are traditionally cultivated without the use of herbicides. To prevent wind erosion, a rye canopy protects the soil from October to May. More than five thousand sheep graze these pastures throughout the winter. Fertilization is essentially organic. The main grape variety of Domaine Royal de Jarras is Grenache. It is a grape variety whose juice at the end of pressing is presented under this unique "grey rosé" colour, hence its name Gris de Gris.

All the right steps have been taken to ensure the vines that produce these exceptional wines grow in harmony with the natural landscape, protecting both the vineyard and its surrounding environment. At a time when few winemakers were interested in the subject, Grands Domaines du Littoral were already practising a form of sustainable, environmentally friendly winemaking.

Following the new techniques and developments of recent years, these vineyards adopted the precise viticulture methods that logically led to what we know as organic wine production.

This is why all the products used are natural. The goal is to constantly watch over the well-being of the soil, plants, and animals, thereby promoting the health of the ecosystem. 600 hectares of our Camargue vineyards are classified organic under European regulation, allowing us to produce wines using this viticultural method.

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Our expertise

Château La Gordonne
the reflection of Provencal know-how

Château La Gordonne is a unique property in Provence, covering a contiguous area with some 320 hectares of vineyard planted on an exceptional, seaward-facing amphitheatre of shale. This high quality terroir gives a rich aroma that differs according to the grape varietals planted at the property. Large varieties of grape varieties such as Grenache, and Syrah and Carbernet Sauvignon, typical of Provence, are present on the estate.

Château La Gordonne, today one of the leading estates of Vranken Estates, now boasts new high-performance wine-producing facilities with its champenois style pneumatic presses. These can be used to select the «tête de cuvée» (or top growths), created by Paul-François Vranken and truly embodying the Vranken Estates signature.

Since the 2009 harvest, grapes in Provence have been harvested by hand at night, to preserve the fruit and its fresh aroma. This new grape-harvesting method helps increase and maintain quality. The protection against the exposure to oxygen allows a protection of the wines against oxidation and hence a preservation of its freshness. A completely thermo-controlled vat installation allows for a follow-up of low-temperature winemaking and protection against exposure to oxygen, hence preserving all the delicate aromas of the rosé wines of Château La Gordonne.

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