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Sustainable viticulture
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Nature is our greatest source of inspiration. Wine-growing is a subject that excites passion. Its situation in France and throughout the world is changing and evolving.

Here at Vranken-Pommery Monopole, we have already been working for several years to anticipate these changes.

Nature may well be beautiful and amazing, but it must also be accepted that taking this route will oblige mankind to make compromises. The wine-growing we are planning for tomorrow will have repercussions. These are simple: tomorrow’s wine-growing will mean spending more time in the vineyard. Vines that are less well protected on the one hand will require improved monitoring to ensure that we can react quickly when they are under attack.

Wherever we cultivate vines, our vision has changed.

The real challenge for Vranken-Pommery Monopole also lies in being an actor at the heart of research and development in the field. We have therefore joined forces with a sustainable engineering company to develop a natural fungicide that will enable us to protect our vines from certain particularly damaging diseases such as mildew, grey rot and odium. The University of Reims’ champagne wine and vine research laboratory has been working in vitro on the project since September 2016. The product will be applied for the first time in May 2017.

We also have a common project for all our vineyards: the Neptune project. An application has been created for better water management in our vineyards. It helps to avoid water waste in the face of global warming.

Adapt to changes

To protect our vineyards from global warming and to compensate for the lack of rainfall recorded each year, very important and heavy work has been undertaken to build an aqueduct.

The Domaine Royal de Jarras is renovating its winery with the creation of a new stainless steel vat house combining technology and modernity and allowing the perfect follow-up in the production of high quality wines. We are also installing a new production unit with a bottling line adapted to our vintages.

Un patrimone pour le futur

The Mélusine fairy park in Tours-sur-Marne

The Mélusine Fairy Park will be a unique place to live, in the heart of wine-growing Champagne. A succession of five gardens with enchanting themes will take the visitor from the Champagne forest to the magical forest, from the colourful meadow with its belvedere to the Garden of Mists, before finally appearing the enchanting golden garden. The landscaped park extends over a total area of 5 hectares.

It is located in the heart of the group's 18 hectares of wine-growing and production facilities. A project to link the different stages of champagne production from the press to the vat room, from storage to packaging.

If the public cannot be admitted to the installations, they will be able to walk on a kind of narrative ribbon that is both imaginary and real, taking us to distant landscapes. The public will be welcomed through a large courtyard where the reception, the shop and the museum will be located, where the cultural projects will be presented during the summer. The Mélusine fairy park and its 5-year planting campaigns illustrate our commitment to preserving biodiversity.

The choice of species and more particularly the trees that will make up the park, is part of this commitment. Because today, it is our duty to protect trees and especially since the signing of the Florence Charter in 1981, which aims to protect gardens, belonging to the heritage or recognized as such, while being part of a larger overall project, including the surroundings.

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