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It has been part of our history for such a long time that no-one can really tell when it started. In 1874, the first bottles of Brut Nature were resting under the cellars of the brand-new Domaine Pommery. With her customary rigour and driving passion, Madame Pommery had realised her late husband’s slightly crazy dream of creating the world’s greatest wine. One hundred years later, his heirs took over the torch and acquired land to start this great sparkling Louis Pommery adventure.

Thierry Gasco spent many years working on developing and implementing a revolutionary new way of encapsulating yeast. This new method results in the clearest, purest wine ever produced because it is completely free of sediment. Wine produced in this way gives off an exceptional aromatic and gustative range.

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Our expertise

Our sparkling wines
in Camargue

The Sables de Camargue vineyard offers an exceptional and incomparable terroir with the fresh, delicate aroma of its wine. As natives of the Champagne region, we believed that we could bring a new type of wine to life here: Brut de France, made using traditional methods.

The blend makes extensive use of Chardonnay grapes, from a wide selection of plots in our Camargue vineyard.

To maintain the requisite subtlety and preserve the desired aromatics, these grapes are harvested during the cool nights and pressed before the sun rises. For the wine to reach its full potential, only the first juices are used in the blend, in order to maintain the acidity necessary for a high-quality sparkling wine.

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